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Scout Movement in BangladeshScout Movement in Bangladesh


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Chief Scout:

Honorable President of Bangladesh is the Ex-officio Chief Scout of Bangladesh. He has the right to attend & presides all the scout activities/Meetings. Chief National Commissioner appointed by the Chief Scouts charter for a period of three years.


National Council:

National Council is the highest body of Bangladesh Scouts, may called as its parliament. As per P.O.R National Council formed by the Councilors from all over the country. National Council meets at least once in a year. N.C. acts as per P.O.R. to control its activities & organizations.

Once after three year N.C. meet for elect its President, Vice-presidents, Treasurer and executive committee members in addition of its regular duties. N.C. also proposed the name of its Chief National Commissioner for Chief Scout's approval.


National Executive Committee:

National Executive Committee consists of the elected members at General Meeting of National Council in each 3rd year i.e. President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Regional Representatives; as per council's recommendation C.N.C., appointed by Chief Scout; And some ex-officio members.

N.E.C. members elected for 3 years.

N.E.C. implements the National Council's resolution, Supervising the scout programme through Regions and perform other duty as per P.O.R.


National Headquarters:

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National Headquarters is the Secretariat of Bangladesh Scout. A Group of experienced Professional Scouters under the leadership of Executive Secretary performs their duty to implement N.C. & N.E.C. resolutions. The professionals are work under direct supervision of National Commissioners.



Bangladesh Scouts is divided into 11 Regions for its administrative & operational activities. There are 2 types of regions:


1. General Regions:

As per administrative Divisions there are 6 regions such as Dhaka Region, Chittagong Region, Rajshahi Region, Barisal Region & Sylhet Region. In addition there is Comilla Region with greater Comilla & Noakhali district.


2. Special Regions:

Rover, Railway, Sea & Air Regions. These regions activities are through out the country.


There are Regional Council, Regional Executive Committee & Regional Headquarters for each Region.

The Regional Commissioner work under the supervision of Regional President, Deputy Regional Commissioners who are appointed by Chief National Commissioner as his recommendation and Professional Scouters/staffs.