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History of Bangladesh Scouts


Bangladesh Boy Scout Association formed in 1972, after a nine-month long bloody Independence war as successor of the East Pakistan Boy Scout Association. Hon'ble Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Independent Bangladesh government, the then The finance minister Mr. Taj Uddin Ahmed became the first President of the Association.


Scouter Pear Ali Nazir, widely known as P.A.Nazir appointed as its first National Commissioner.

The same year Scouting recognized in Bangladesh by the Government under the Presidential Ordinances no.          111/72.

Bangladesh Boy Scout Association became the 105th member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement as "Bangladesh Scout Association" in 1974.


In 1978, Bangladesh Scout Association changed its name to "Bangladesh Scouts".


In 1978 Scouter Nurulislam Shams appointed as National Commissioner of Bangladesh Scouts. Then after its was changed as "Chief National Commissioner". Mr. Nurulislam Shams became its first Chief National Commissioner.


Scouter Mr. Monzoor ul Karim became the next Chief National Commissioner after sudden death of Nurulislam Shams in 1980.

In the 2000 General Meeting of Bangladesh Scouts National Council, Monzoor ul Karim elected as its President & Mr. M. Fazlur Rahman appointed as Chief National Commissioner.


After Mr. Manzoor ul Karim resign as BS President, Dr. Shah Muhammed Farid nominated as BS President.

Chief National Commissioner is the chief executive of Bangladesh Scouts.


Girls were allowed to become scout since 1994.

15 story National Scout Building


According to 2005 census, there are 1,000,000 members in Bangladesh Scouts.




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